Redcliffe First Settlement Lodge No.287

The Lodge History

Redcliffe Lodge

The history of Freemasonry on the Redcliffe peninsula dates back to 1893, almost 70 years from when the original first settlement occurred. On August 28th of that year, a meeting of seven gentlemen took place at the Redcliffe Hotel (now the Ambassadors) where a brief petition was written seeking the formation of a Masonic lodge at Redcliffe. This petition was granted and the ceremony of Consecration of the Lodge was carried out on Saturday, 21st October and Redcliffe Lodge, No.341, Irish Constitution was formed.

On the 5th December 1903 a Circular from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Ireland was read to the Lodge with regard to the formation of a Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Freemasons of Queensland. Redcliffe Lodge was among the first of the Lodges to pledge it’s allegiance to the newly formed Grand Lodge of Queensland and in March 1905 received notification that it’s new Lodge Number would be No. 23, Grand Lodge of Queensland.

Redcliffe Lodge No 23 met regularly until 1907 when the last regular communication of the Lodge was made. The sending of the last Lodge Return in October 1907 was the signal that the first Redcliffe Lodge had become defunct.

The formation of another Masonic Lodge at Redcliffe was discussed at a meeting on Friday 26th May 1922. As a result of that meeting, Redcliffe Lodge No. 287 United Grand Lodge of Queensland was formed on Saturday 8th July 1922 when the Town Hall was once again consecrated by the Grand Master. On the 30th March 1926 the Redcliffe Lodge purchased the property and land shown as Re-subdivision 1 of subdivision 5 of Section 8 of Portion 192, from the Redcliffe Hall Company Ltd. The price paid after some negotiation was £450-00-00.

MATHEW FLINDERS LODGE No. 414 United Grand Lodge of Queensland

During the 1940’s, the membership of Redcliffe Lodge must have been at an all-time high and the suggestion of forming a new Lodge was probably met with enthusiasm. An additional tenant for the lodge building would also mean additional rent coming in on a regular basis and finances were at all times in short supply.

The process of forming a new Lodge was duly worked through and on the 1st April 1950, Mathew Flinders Lodge, No. 414, UGLQ was consecrated in the Masonic Temple in Redcliffe.

SCARBOROUGH TEMPERANCE LODGE No. 460 United Grand Lodge of Queensland

Right Worshipful Brother Orlando E J Bartlett donated a large block of land at Scarborough and erected a very fine building referred to as the ‘Orlando Bartlett Masonic Centre’. On the 27th May 1957 the Grand Master, consecrated the new Lodge to be called ‘Scarborough Temperance Lodge’, No.460, UGLQ.

Some five months later on the 16th November 1957, the new Grand Master, dedicated the supper room and named it the ‘Alice Bartlett Memorial Hall’ to the memory of Orlando E.J. Bartlett’s late wife. Also in attendance on that occasion was Bro. J.E.M. Houghton, M.L.A. Mayor of Redcliffe and a member of Redcliffe Lodge.

PENINSULA DAYLIGHT LODGE No. 522 United Grand Lodge of Queensland

Another milestone in Redcliffe Masonic history occurred on Saturday, 30th August 1986 when the Peninsula Daylight Lodge was consecrated in the Scarborough Masonic Centre.

In keeping with modern times and another first for Redcliffe, the ceremony was relayed on closed circuit television to an adjoining room so that the Ladies and other visitors, who were unable to crowd into the Lodge room, could share in the most impressive ceremony.

REDCLIFFE, FIRST SETTLEMENT LODGE No. 287 United Grand Lodge of Queensland

All the lodges on the peninsula continued to meet regularly, however ever increasing costs for building maintenance for Redcliffe Lodge premises, a lowering of membership and the ever present need to renovate two 85 year old buildings was an ongoing problem. In the year 2000, Redcliffe Lodge, Mathew Flinders Lodge and Scarborough Temperance Lodge amalgamated to form Redcliffe First Settlement Lodge, No. 287, UGLQ.

The oldest Number, No 287, was kept to preserve a constant and unbroken link to the origins of the Lodge in 1922.

With thanks to "Redcliffe Freemasons 1893 - 2010" by Michael Pitcher.