Redcliffe First Settlement Lodge No.287

Queensland Freemasons - Answers to some of your questions......

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry is one of the worlds oldest and largest fraternal organisations. It provides a code of living in todays society based on moral and ethical standards. Its members strive to live by the principles of integrity, goodwill and charity.As a non-profit organisation that supports numerous charities and community services, Freemasonry unifies men of high ideals,regardless of colour, creed or worldly status.

Who are Freemasons?

Ordinary people in the community who care about the welfare of others.

Are you a secret society?

No. Until recently, our policy was to be rather discreet about ourselves, our community work and even our membership. However, times have changed...and so have we! Today, Masons will often talk freely about their membership. Lodge rooms are often open to visitors and enquiries about Masons and their valuable community work, are always welcomed.

Why do you have secrets at all?

The secrets of Freemasonry are the traditional modes of recognition, just like pin numbers and computer passwords, and today are widely known through many books freely available.

Is it a Religion?

No. Freemasonry does not instruct its members in what religion their religious beliefs should be, nor is it a substitute for religion.

What do you believe in?

Freemasons: Have a common belief in a Supreme Being. We believe in high moral standards and honesty in everyday life.

Where do you meet?

Upwards of five million Freemasons meet world-wide in buildings known as lodges. The word Lodge has been the traditional name for a meeting place since the middle ages. Most Masonic Lodges can be found in prominent locations in the community.

What do you wear?

Just like your local club, Freemasons have a dress code at their meetings, usually formal attire; Black Pants, White Dress Shirt, Black Boe Tie and a Black Jacket. Each lodge is different though so it is always best to check.

Why do you wear an Apron?

It is a traditional and ceremonial form of recognition within the membership.

What to you do at meetings?

The same as the business meeting of any other organisation. Instruction is given in the form of ancient ceremonies that teach the value of high Moral standards. Our social gatherings promote fellowship.

I've heard that some of your ceremonies are embarrassing?

No. The ceremonies are not embarrassing to members. In fact, they are memorable experiences that members treasure and respect.

I am told that if I am a Freemason, it will be an advantage in my job. Is that true?

No. Masons are under a strict obligation not to use their connections to obtain any personal advantage, but of course, being known as a Freemason means that you will be recognised as a person of integrity who can be relied upon.

Why do some people criticise Freemasonry?

Because of a lack of knowledge. If you have any questions, just ask; because, today, Freemasons will talk openly about their beliefs.

Can Catholics join?

Yes. There are many Catholics who are Freemasons. You can be assured that there is nothing whatsoever in being a Mason which conflicts with a persons duties as a practicing Catholic.

How much does it cost?

Certain fees are expected of members; however, the fees are structured so as not to exclude any member of society.

How old is Freemasonry?

It dates from the middle ages in Europe . Its present form began in the 18th Century in Britian and came to Australia in 1803.

There are many books available to the general public on the subject of Freemasonry.

How much time do I need?

Initially two nights a month. As you progress, further time may be needed but this is optional.

Why can't women join?

There is a place for women in Freemasonry. Traditionally Freemasonry has been just for men. However, within the Masonic family there are various individual orders which cater for all members of the family.

Are you like Lions or Rotary?

In some respects it is similar, such as in our charitable works, but Masonry can be distinguished from service organisations by its emphasis on the traditional manner in which it passes on its ancient beliefs.

Where can I get more information?

If you would like any further information please feel free to contact either the United Grand Lodge of Queensland Brisbane (07) 3229 3533.

Or you may also make contact with us here at Redcliffe First Settlement Lodge No 287 by email [email protected]

Note: Information provided courtesy of Grand Lodge of Queensland, Brisbane